Is it Possible to Join a Player Development Program in New Jersey?

Like other sports, soccer has a system of minor teams that can produce players worthy of playing in the major ones. It also has youth teams that are meant to get players on this road as soon as possible. These participate in the Serie A Player Development Program.

Two of these youth teams are especially notable: The Liberty F. C. (Football club) Youth Soccer Club uses the European style of play and works to improve young players' skills. It has divisions that accept kids as young as toddler-age, and their top age cutoff is 19. This gives all youth a good chance to experience soccer under European rules.

At Liberty, those who show high skills are eligible to enter the pipeline to the official try-outs with several European soccer clubs. This can let them live their dream of playing professional soccer for a living.

The other team, Juventus Academy New York, uses the proprietary training method of the Juventus Football Club of Italy. Like Liberty, it accepts a wide range of ages. However, their range is a bit more limited, with age 14 being the upper cutoff. It has both a developmental track and a competitive one. This academy doesn't promise the chance to try out with pro teams, but it offers enough programs to make it so that someone who does exceptionally well could have a shot at it anyway.

The Juventus Academy programs come in several flavors. There are options for the full year, seasonal play, and for practicing specific skills such as goalkeeping.

There are several other New Jersey soccer teams for youth in the Serie A Player Development Program. Check them all out to find the best one for your children.